Club Constitution


The club shall be know as The GTi CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA


The objectives of the club shall be to:

a)          The Club Operates on a Non Profit basis and utilises it’s funds for the benefit of  the club’s paid up membership.

b)          Hold meetings, events and outings, at the discretion of the committee, and to co-promote with other clubs.

c)          Meetings will be held either at The Multi Motor Club or at WPMC Killarney.

d)          Maintain a register of Club members as a basis of mutual contact.

e)          The club shall have 2 bank accounts, held at Nedbank, Century City.

f)            The GTi Club account: 1926 00 7778 for General club expenses/membership fees.

g)          The GTi Challenge account: 1926 00 7751 specifically for expenses related to GTi Challenge racing such as the purchase of tyres and brake pads.

h)          The Clubs postal address is P O Box 89, Century City, 7446

i)             Exchange and pool technical knowledge, data and experience.

j)             Establish a library of handbooks, spares manuals, road tests and catalogues, etc.

k)           Circulate a regular bulletin, giving names of owners, new members, technical data and facilities for exchanging information and spares.

l)             Promote the web site as a method to communicate with members (new and existing).

m)        Promote and manage the racing series known as GTi Challenge. This will be accomplished by:

n)          – A separate GTi Challenge Committee, run as an autonomous body taking care of the day to day running of the GTi Challenge racing series

o)          – The GTi Challenge Committee, will use the GTi Club’s Constitution as a basis / guideline iro issues such as disciplinary action.

p)          – The GTi Challenge Committee’s decision iro issues affecting GTi Challenge Racing and it’s members (also being club members), be they drivers / supporters / family, is final and as such does not have to be ratified by the GTi Club Committee.


a)          Membership shall be open to any person who owns or drives a VW product, shows interest in VW products, or shares the objectives of the Club regardless of race, colour or creed.  The Committee, however, reserves the right to refuse or accept an application without disclosing its reasons.

b)          Annual membership shall be from 1st  January to 31st  December.

c)          Membership of the Club shall not give any member any right, claim, interest or demand in, or to, any monies, property or assets of the Club, but shall only confer on such member the right to use and enjoy the properties or facilities as provided by the Club for the benefit of its members.

d)           Family Membership - Wives or husbands of club members and their immediate family shall be deemed to be Family Members on payment of Family membership subscription by the full member, and shall enjoy full membership privileges with the exception of voting rights.

e)           Any full-time student can enjoy the same privileges as a Family membership, upon submission of proof and approval by the Committee/Membership Committee member, on payment of Student membership subscription

f)            Honorary Life Membership - Nomination for H.L.M by unanimous recommendation of the Committee. Vote to be on 2/3rd majority at A.G. meeting. H.L.M. may only be granted for exceptional services to the Club. Membership shall be restricted to 5% of members register.


The Committee shall determine entry fees, subscriptions, payable on application of membership, from time to time. 

New members and Renewals:
Splitting the year into quarters the pricing for new members will be as follows:

1)      Beginning January through End September – R200

2)      Beginning October through End December – R100

3)      Family membership – Main Member – R300 + R75(additional)

4)      Student membership – R 100

5)      Senior membership (over 55 years old) – R100

Special: A new member joining from beginning October to end December has the option of, instead of paying the R100 joining fee, paying the full membership fee (R250), which will have their membership be valid till December the following year.  i.e. he pays R250 at the end of 2008... he is then a valid member till December 2009.



The rates may be subject to alteration on the recommendation of the Committee, and approval of 2/3rd majority vote of members at any Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for the purpose.


The Committee shall be empowered to suspend or expel any member whose conduct it deems to be prejudicial to the interest of the Club and its members, failing an explanation satisfactory to the committee.  The prescribed disciplinary procedure has to be followed.


The Chairman welcomes all present, makes sure that a proper recording procedure is followed and:

a)          Informs all present that the meeting is of a disciplinary nature and its purpose is to address itself to a matter concerning: “Mr A’s purported misconduct … etc”

b)          Enquire from the Secretary if all committee members received notice of the meeting.

c)          Then enquire from the Secretary if a quorum is present.  If not, all decisions of the meeting will need to be ratified at a following meeting where a quorum is present.

d)          Upon confirmation of a quorum, declare the meeting properly constituted and qualified to proceed with the business placed on the table.

e)          Read out the name of the accused, and the general nature of the complaint/s, which is to be addressed.

f)            Ask if any witnesses will be called and if so request them to excuse themselves to another area.

g)          Address the accused and read out all the charges one by one against him/her.

h)          Give the accused an opportunity to respond separately to each charge and have witnesses relevant to the particular charge called in one by one to testify firstly against the accused and secondly for the accused.

i)             Witnesses may be cross-questioned by all committee members.

j)             After hearing the charges and the witnesses, allow the accused a concise response.

k)           Declare a closed session and warn the accused not to talk to or confer with any witness whilst the committee is in closed session.

l)             After conferring with the committee members call the meeting to order again and read out the findings of the committee on each separate charge.

m)        Ask the accused to submit mitigating evidence if found guilty.  If found not guilty, declare the meeting closed.

n)          Depending on the quality of the evidence the committee may again decide to go into closed session to consider the mitigating evidence.

o)          Declare the meeting open again and inform those present of the decision.

p)          Thank everyone for his or her attendance and declare the meeting closed.


a)          The Club shall be directed and its business transacted by a COMMITTEE consisting of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary/Treasurer and not less than one and not more than twenty ordinary members.

b)          The QUORUM for decisions made at the meetings of the committee shall be 50% + 1.  Meetings of the committee shall be held at least once per month, but the Chairman, if he deems it necessary, may call EXTRAORDINARY/SPECIAL meetings in addition.

c)          The committee for the coming year shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.  Only properly nominated members may be elected.

d)          Nominations for the committee shall be in writing and shall reach the Secretary of the club at least FOURTEEN days before the Annual General Meeting.  Each nomination shall state the name and the membership number of the nominator and the nominee, together with the latter’s consent to being nominated.

e)          Voluntary acceptance of a portfolio.  If there are more than two volunteers for a specific portfolio the decision must be taken by voting.  If there are no volunteers for a specific portfolio within the committee, then the committee may decide by majority vote that will receive this portfolio.

f)            The Committee shall at its discretion co-opt additional members at any time, either to fill a vacancy or to undertake a specific task.  Co-opted members shall have the same voting powers as elected members and shall cease to hold office at the next Annual General Meeting or when the task for which they were co-opted is complete, whichever is the sooner.

g)          At all meetings every relevant member shall deliver one vote, save that in the event of a tie the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

h)          All decisions of the Committee shall be final and not subject to appeal in any court of law except in the case of any matter of pecuniary nature, where such right shall lie to the court having jurisdiction in the area concerned.

i)             The Committee shall have power to appoint ex officio a President and a Vice-President.  Such appointments shall be ratified at each Annual General Meeting.

j)             Any Member of the Committee who shall, without sufficient reason, absent themselves from three consecutive Committee Meetings may be assumed to have resigned from the Committee.

k)           Whoever serves on the committee for two or more full terms will receive HLM pending approval at the following AGM



1)        To ensure that no one shall abuse his/her position as a committee member for any form of personal gain.

2)        To ensure that committee members shall always have the best interests of the Club at heart.

3)        To ensure that committee members are rewarded for their time and effort spent for the betterment of the Club.


A)     Perk: Any benefit including goods, services, options or monies received by virtue of one’s involvement in the Club.

B)     Committee Member:  A person officially appointed to perform a function or functions such as regulating, organising or acting for a larger body (the Club).

C)    Club: The GTi Club is a group of people sharing a common interest and who meet on a regular basis for social, competitive and educational purposes.


1)        No committee member shall receive and retain any personal perk as a result of his/her involvement in the Club.

2)        In the event of a perk being offered to a committee member it shall only be accepted on the clear understanding that such a perk shall solely and exclusively be utilized for the benefit of the Club and its members.

3)        Such a perk or perks shall, depending on circumstances, either be used as event prizes or be auctioned amongst club members.  This shall be determined by majority vote.

4)        Should any committee member be found to break one or more of these rules such a member shall, pending an investigation by the committee, immediately be relieved of his/her position and duties.

5)        Committee members receiving benefits due to his/her personal involvement with a benefactor may be exempted from these rules provided such involvement of interest is openly declared to the committee.  The committee shall in such an event rule by secret ballot on permitting such benefit, which ruling shall then be deemed final and binding on all parties.

6)        The committee should first clear any uncertainty or doubts regarding perks.

7)        All committee members will be reimbursed all expenses directly attributable to the Club. Where by virtue of position, that Committee member feels obliged to attend a function or perform some duty, the Club may reimburse the expenses incurred. The Committee Member, feeling so obliged and wishing to have such reimbursement shall seek approval of the committee prior to the involvement of the expense.


1)      Entry fees payable to the club will be waived for committee members at events.

2)      Prior to utilizing any vehicle obtained from VWSA for private use, the recipient shall accordingly inform the committee of such a perk.  The committee, excluding the applicant, shall then vote by secret ballot whether the recipient is entitled to such a perk.

3)      In the event of transport being provided by a club sponsor to event, the following vehicle seating preference shall apply:

a)      Chairman

b)      Vice Chairman

c)      Events Manager

d)      Remaining committee members

e)      Committee member’s spouses in above sequence

f)        Remaining seats to be offered to club members by means of drawing names out of a hat.

4)      The Club PC shall be allocated to either Events Manager/PRO/Secretary (in order of Merit) to perform their Functions and Duties as set out in the constitution. 



1)      The treasurer shall have charge of and maintain a proper set of books in accordance with accepted bookkeeping principles and practices.

2)      Book entries shall indicate each department’s income, expenditure, and profits/losses on a monthly basis.

3)      The treasurer shall present a detailed statement of the club’s financial position at the monthly committee meeting.and a summary at every members meeting.

4)      No remuneration or gratification of sorts shall be paid to any member (or his/her associated business) unless expressly authorised by the committee in writing.

5)      It shall be the duty of the chairman to ensure that a copy of these rules is handed over to the incoming treasurer.

6)      Any member having an interest in the affairs of the Club may inspect the books at any reasonable and convenient time upon previous notice being given to the Committee.


1)      The treasurer shall collect all subscription and other monies due to the club.

2)      All monies received by the club shall be paid into an account authorised by the majority of the committee.  Such account/s shall always be opened in the name of the GTi Club of South Africa.

3)      All material goods donated to the club shall officially be receipted and listed in an asset register compiled and upheld by the treasurer.

4)      All sponsor monies shall be banked directly into the authorised club banking account.

5)      In order to assess the club’s turnover accurately and assisting the treasurer to keep proper accounts, sponsors should where possible be deterred from dealing with suppliers on behalf of the club.

6)      In the event of a sponsor insisting to negotiate directly with a supplier such action may be authorised by the committee.  Besides a normal vote the treasurer shall in such a particular instance be afforded a right of veto,


1)      The treasurer shall sign all cheques on behalf of the club and one other member appointed by the committee.  Family members may not be appointed as co-signatories.

2)      No cheques shall be made out to “CASH”.

3)      No monies may be paid out which bypasses the official club account.

4)      All processed and cancelled cheques shall be properly secured to its original counterfoil.

5)      Where possible, accounts shall be opened on behalf of the club; such accounts are to be paid on a 30-day basis after presentation of appropriate statements.

6)      Where accounts cannot be obtained, properly authorised cheques shall pay C.O.D. purchases.

7)      Petty cash purchases shall be kept to the absolute minimum.  For every purchase, cash slips clearly marked stating for what, who, paid by, and to who shall be obtained and kept.

8)      Accounts in excess of R500.00 shall only be paid after authorisation by the committee.

9)      Accounts paid for amounts smaller than R500.00 shall be listed, summarised and presented at the very next committee meeting.


1)      All orders given to any institution on behalf of the GTi Club, in excess of R500.00 must first be cleared by the committee.  All orders given smaller than R500.00 must be presented at the very next committee meeting.

2)      No order may be given without an official GTi Club order.


Commercial products or enterprises may be endorsed, and the Club name be used for any such endorsement as long as such endorsement lends a charitable and beneficial result to the club, a cause or to the country in general.



a)      The members must gain a benefit of sorts e.g. concession.

b)      The club must gain a benefit of sorts.

c)      The dealer must gain a benefit of sorts.

d)      The guide must have suppliers/dealers in it that will help to further the aims of the GTi Club.  All products and services must carry a reasonable warranty.

e)      The member must produce a current GTi Club card to the dealer/supplier to obtain the benefit negotiated by the club.

f)        The GTi Club shall undertake to mediate in any member complaint against an authorised dealer/supplier.


An Annual General Meeting (GTi Club and GTi Challenge) of the Club shall be held in December of each year. The Secretary shall give Twenty-one days notice of the meeting to the members.

Any Member may appoint any other person, who need not be a Member, to act as his proxy in any business conducted at the Annual General Meeting. Prior to the commencement of the elections the proxy shall submit to the Chairman satisfactory written authorisation to act.


An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary, on receipt of written application, signed by at least fifty members.  The Secretary shall give twenty-one days’ notice of such a meeting to the members.


The income and the property of the Club whosesoever derived shall be applied solely towards promotion of the objectives for which the Club has been established and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, to any member of the Club, provided there is nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable remuneration to any officer or servant of the Club or to any member thereof in return for service actually rendered for and on behalf of the Club.  This all is provided the relevant sections in the Financial Rules are abided by.

When in the opinion of the Committee a particular asset is of no further use to the Club notice of disposal will be given at the next general meeting, where a request for tenders for purchase of such asset from members will be advertised and the closing date of the tender process. The closing date will be such to coincide with a monthly general meeting. All tenders are to be in writing, addressed to the Secretary and be clearly marked 'tender for purchase' and will remain unopened until the meeting of the closing date. At the meeting of the closing date the Secretary will open all tenders and the highest tender will be the successful purchaser. If there are two or more equal highest tenders the item for tender will then be auctioned to the highest bidder provided it is above the highest tender.

Upon the winding up or abandonment of the Club, the assets of the Club remaining after the satisfaction of all its liabilities shall be given or transferred to some other institution, having objectives similar to that of the Club, to be determined by the members of the Club at or before the time of its dissolution.


Alterations or additions to this Constitution shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting; notice of such alterations shall be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.  All new rules and alterations to existing rules shall require a two-thirds’ majority of the members attending.

As approved at Annual General Meeting

2009 GTi Club Executive Committee Members:

Chairman (Exec): Howard Daniels
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                              

Vice Chairman (Exec):                      
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                              

Events Manager (Exec):          
Signature:                                                             Date:

Assistant Events Manager (Non Exec): Stephen Daniels    
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                              

Treasurer (Exec): Rob Gillman
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                  
Members Representative (Exec):      
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                              
Webmaster (Exec): VENUSION Marketing & Design
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                              

2008 GTi Club Non-Executive Committee Members:

Merchandising/Admin (Non Exec):             
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                              

Creative Writer/Newsletter Editor (Non Exec):             
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                              

Photographer (Non Exec):                
Signature:                                                              Date:                                                                              

Functions and responsibilities

Duties outside of events: In collaboration with committee member assigned to an event, organize event, from booking of venue to providing event details to the webmaster for uploading on the website, to ensuring that all paperwork is done for the event.  Consult with Editor to ensure that club image is upheld.  Consult with PRO for sponsorship / advertising for event.
Duties at Events: Ensure smooth running of the event, from start to finish.  Ensure enough committee members are available to work on the day and, in collaboration with responsible committee member, assign committee members to tasks required during the event.

Duties outside of events: Ensure finances are taken care of.  Record all monies coming in or to be paid out.  Consult with administrator regarding membership fees. Allocate monies accordingly i.e. membership, event fees, sponsorship etc. Monthly financial statements presented at committee meetings, and yearly financials for AGM. All monies to be deposited into or paid out of the bank account. No cash to be paid out. All money paid out is upon the approval of the entire committee. The Treasurer will maintain the Club Asset Register, which will cover all items of value, considered property of the Club. The Treasurer will also maintain a record of the whereabouts of all assets, and conduct an audit each year to confirm the accuracy of the asset register.

Duties at Events: Ensure takings for the day are recorded and banked.  Pay for sundry items. Allocate membership fees brought in.

Duties outside of events: Ensure that website is updated with upcoming events details as well as links to results and photographs.  Ensure that website is user-friendly and all functions on website are in working order.  Ensure bulletin board is pruned regularly and all misplaced topics are correctly categorized. Generate monthly website statistics for committee meeting review.

The Webmaster is the primary decision maker for content on the Club website ( This pertains to editing and managing all contents of the website.  Due to the nature of website development and maintenance, editing and managing of the website may be done without consent from the Executive Committee.

Duties at Events: To collect and enter all results as well as check them against entries for mistakes. Publish the results within 5 days of the event in conjunction with the editor’s review on how the event ran.

Duties outside of events: Designing of the newsletter.  Promoting the image of the club. Ensuring that all correspondence / posts are checked for accuracy and image before sending out. Ensure stationery is kept updated and that all correspondence is sent on club stationery. Ensure results of events are checked and posted timeously.  Work in collaboration with Webmaster to ensure the website promotes the image of the club.  Ensure that all documentation for events is done in line with club image, including membership documentation.

Duties at Events: Assist where help is needed at events. Post event review to be posted to members, in collaboration with Webmaster.

Duties outside of events: All membership and admin duties.  Ensuring membership database is up to date.  Print membership cards, distribute welcome packs to new members, ensure email list is updated, SMS list updated etc.
Duties at Events: Handle membership at events, and doing entries. Collect membership forms and capture them to database after event. Do membership promotion.

Duties outside of events: Capture and resize all event photographs as well as remove “dud” photos from the album.  Brand images to ensure leeching of photos do not take place.  Hand all photos to Webmaster for uploading.  Look after club camera.  Find replacement photographer if unable to attend an event.  Hand over camera to replacement before event.

Duties at Events: Take photos of ALL cars at the event, to be resized and sent to Webmaster for uploading.

Any of the above committee members may be elected as “Chairman” or “Vice-Chairman”.  All committee members assume equal responsibilities and have equal voting rights.  Only the Chairman has a casting vote in the event of a tie.