History & Introduction

Thank you for taking an interest in our club. The GTi club is a non-profit organisation that takes part in regular competitive and fun events, organized by a small committee. The club was started in the Transvaal in 1986 and was followed shortly afterwards by the Western Cape branch in 1987.

Founding members included: Paul Croeser (Lindsay Saker), Chris Lourens, Fanie Du Plessis (Leatherman).

Early members included well known names such as: Pieter de Weerdt (DASTEK), Jan Strydom, Nico van Rensburg (Tiger Wheels), Jakes Jacobs (VW Challenge and ex Chairman), Barry Colyn (VW Challenge Chairman), Coen Adendorff (current Gauteng Chairman) and popular National Racing Driver Chris Aberdein.

Initially it was a prerequisite to own a GTi in order to join. Then it was only Committee members that had to own one. Now ALL VW’s are welcome, as there is such a wide variety. Beetle owners were a regular site at our events but slowly started splitting away to form their own clubs. The name still remains today and is the only Official VW Club recognised by Volkswagen South Africa and Motorsport South Africa (MSA). The Gauteng branch has recently started using the name: "Volkswagen Club of SA" in order to attract a wider spectrum of enthusiasts, as most potential members still think you have to drive a GTi in order to join. In the early years, events were few but enjoyed a great following, with events such as those listed below.

With the popularity of events such as the GTi Jamboree, it became apparent that there was a need for a one make series for members who required something more challenging and so the GTi Club challenge was born. In the early '90's, our colleagues at GTi Club in Pretoria, stared this series. It was run on regional days at Kyalami Racetrack, with members competing in their everyday street-cars. After a couple of years the series then followed on to become a separate division of the GTi Club of SA, with it’s own committee and soon changed its name to "Golf Challenge" and then more recently to the "VW Challenge". (More on the events page.)

Like any other motor club around the world, the GTi Club is a club for motor enthusiasts. The club is predominantly made up of VW drivers, but has quite a few members who drive other makes, such as Opel, BMW & Toyota. Therefore you don’t need a GTi to be a member, you just need to love your car and enjoy meeting others who do too!!

The GTi Club is at present the largest and most active private motor club in South Africa, with over 1000 members country wide.

Monthly Club Meetings are at a permanent venue. The meetings consist of:

Prizes/Awards from previous events,
Videos of events
Announcements of events to come,
A chance for new members to join the club.
A chance for members to voice their opinions - good or bad.
An opportunity for sponsors and guest speakers to show us products on special offer, and much more.
Enough of the boring stuff. What every car enthusiast enjoys, is an opportunity to show his/her car off to the rest of the "not-so-fortunate" members of the public J There are many occasions where this can be accomplished and these events take place as often as twice a month. They include:

1. Concours events
2. Breakfast runs around the peninsula,
3. Mystery Runs/Treasure Hunts
4. Taking part in the "Toy Run" or other charity events
5. Parking our polished cars in an open area for public display
6. Displaying cars at regular Motor and Sound Shows etc

One of our main objectives is to enforce safe driving and to be considerate of other drivers on our roads. Most of us have a heavy right foot, so in order to vent some of our frustrations we take part in some of the more aggressive and competitive events such as:

1. Advanced drivers courses
2. Gymkhanas/Autocrosses
3. Inter Club/Manufacture events
4. Drags
5. Hill Climbs
6. Jamborees
7. Challenge Racing
8. Go-karting

These events take part in cordoned off, well controlled areas or private tracks, such as Killarney Race Track. Our larger events are sanctioned by MSA and often attract well known local race drivers. These events not only teach drivers how to get to know their cars better but improve their skills behind the wheel and promote safety for all.

In addition to all the above, members will receive quarterly newsletters, a sticker, membership card and access to an awesome Web Site. You as member will enjoy other benefits such as; Free technical advise, discounts on spares, servicing, wheels, tyres, exhausts, as well as a host of other products available from some of our generous sponsors.

The committees would like to extend an open invitation to our members, to communicate your feelings and opinions to us, at our monthly meetings, letter or email. This is your club, you will only enjoy true satisfaction, if you become a participating member. It is very difficult to keep everybody happy, this is why we have a wide variety of events. Your suggestions will always be listened to and discussed.

We trust you will enjoy every minute of your membership and assist us in maintaining this club’s excellent tradition.